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Pencil Dresses: How to Wear Them?

12/12/2015 20:14:25

Pencil dresses can be a perfect piece of clothing since they can further enhance your curvy figure. Below are some pointers which can help in select the right one for an event.
A pencil dress can complement ladies with slim yet somewhat curvy body figure. You can find a number of colors and designs in these piece of clothing in the market today. Also, you could wear pencil dresses based upon your event theme.
Casual wear
For casual wear, you can try out a variety of fabric, styles and necklines. Go V neck, strapless, plunge neck, etc. depending upon your requirements. You can select from bright colors to wonderful hues based upon your skin color. Also, there aren’t any particular rules in regards to maintaining the length of your dress.
Formal wear
In case you think pencil dresses may be too modish to wear during formal events, you are totally wrong. The fact is, pencil dresses can make appear as neat as a business outfit. The only thing you need to do is pick a suitable color and design. Your selected dress must not be too skimpy for a formal appearance. It is good to maintain a good neckline which seems sophisticated. Pick well-structured cloth which is less revealing.
What if you’ve a slim or plump body figure and still want to wear a pencil dress?
The pencil dress can look great on almost any type of figure, whether slim or plump.
For Slim Figure
It’s a huge myth that pencil dresses aren’t suitable for slim figure women. The only thing you need to consider while picking your pencil dress is pick thick structured cloth which won't appear loose when you wear it. Wearing dark shades might make you appear too thin so neutral and bright colors such as coral, peach, beige, pink, etc. Wear pumps/ stilettos for adding a bit of height.
For Plump Figure
If you’ve a plump body figure, worry not because you too could wear a pencil dress. Select your cloth wisely in case you look little plump as compared to other women. Too thin material sticks to your body & improves undesirable curves. Pick darker shades such as brown, dark green, navy blue, black, etc. Combine it with a good pair of heels.

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